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Are home prices overvalued?

Are home prices overvalued?        “We are heading for a market crash!” This has been told to me by people that I respect and trust to analyze the market trends. I …
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No housing bubble or market crash

By Mark Gurich March 13,2018 The housing bubble and subsequent crash in 2007 was precipitated by poor lending practices. Since then, The Dodd-Frank Act, the Bureau of Real Estate and …
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“I should have bought a bigger house”

“I should have bought a bigger house” The #1 regret home buyers listed in studies by NerdWallet and Trulia is that they wish they would have bought a bigger house. Most …
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15 year vs 30 year mortgage

15 year vs 30 year mortgage Since the increase in “standard minimum deduction” will increase for 2018, it may be the wise move to re-think the benefit of paying off your …
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Why should you buy real estate today?

Why should we buy real estate? Stability; (start a family, plant routes) As lifelong renters, Suzanne and Stephen bought a home in the suburbs last year, hoping that their newborn son …
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How does a mortgage broker get paid?

Doesn’t it make sense that hiring a mortgage broker to obtain a loan for you would cost more since there is now another person involved and they must get paid …
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Factors considered when attaining a mortgage

Factors when attaining a Mortgage For many Americans, purchasing a home can be the most expensive decision of their life, and obtaining a mortgage can often be stressful. Research and preparation won’t …
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What is happening to interest rates?

The unemployment figures came out with fewer unemployment first time claims. As a result, banks are thinking the economy is getting better and that “Quantitative Easing” will be discontinued soon. If …
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Mortgage Rate Trends

June 7,  2013RateAPRPointsLowerMortgage.Net3.750%3.821%.620Chase3.875%4.019%1.375Bank of America4.000%4.164%.948Wells Fargo4.125%4.252%NA Mortgage rates have been increasing over the past 15 days as a result of news that the Feds may slow they quantitative easing and the …
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