Are home prices overvalued?

Are home prices overvalued?        “We are heading for a market crash!” This has been told to me by people that I respect and trust to analyze the market trends. I decided to spend a few hours researching the data myself to gauge the direction of the California real estate market. I started with the

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No housing bubble or market crash

By Mark Gurich March 13,2018 The housing bubble and subsequent crash in 2007 was precipitated by poor lending practices. Since then, The Dodd-Frank Act, the Bureau of Real Estate and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency have restricted predatory lending practices designed to confuse consumers into purchasing a property that they can’t afford. In the

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“I should have bought a bigger house”

“I should have bought a bigger house” The #1 regret home buyers listed in studies by NerdWallet and Trulia is that they wish they would have bought a bigger house. Most buyers become so fixated on a specific neighborhood that they miss better deals elsewhere. Broadening your location search can increase your chances of finding

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15 year vs 30 year mortgage

15 year vs 30 year mortgage Since the increase in “standard minimum deduction” will increase for 2018, it may be the wise move to re-think the benefit of paying off your mortgage. Many CPAs and financial planners believed it in their clients best interest to not payoff their mortgage, but rather invest in the market

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Why should you buy real estate today?

Why should we buy real estate? Stability; (start a family, plant routes) As lifelong renters, Suzanne and Stephen bought a home in the suburbs last year, hoping that their newborn son would grow up and go through the school system in the same community. Now in their late twenties, these millennials are ditching their desire

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